Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Plantation Shutters?

When looking to invest in long lasting and top quality shutters, you should also be looking for the same from the company you invest in to provide them. With 40 years’ experience informing our expertise, at Plantation Shutters Ltd you can expect a friendly, personalised service at a very competitive price for the standard and longevity of product we offer.

How long is the lead-time for my order?

The current lead time is approximately 12 to 16 weeks from the date of order confirmation/receipt of deposit as standard. Lead times can be confirmed by the office once your order is placed. Please be aware that the lead time can fluctuate throughout the year.

What is your payment system?

Terms for DIY shutters are 100% of balance up front, on placement of the order. To find out more, please read our terms and conditions.

What is my warranty?

The full warranty can be accessed by clicking on the following link – Product Warranty.

How do I measure my window?

We have created a quick guide to help you with it, click here to find out more.

How do I fit my shutters?

We have created a quick guide to help you with it, click here to find out more.

Can shutters be fitted onto UPVC windows?

We tend to avoid drilling directly into UPVC windows. On flat windows, this is very feasible as we side fix into the plaster of the recess. On bay windows there might be a couple of things to have a look at when fitting shutters:

1. The handles on UPVC windows usually protrude too far to achieve a neat fixing. It would be ideal to have a chat with one of our experienced members of staff to learn more about your options.

2. If it is possible to fix them, there might be some drilling into the PVC involved so once again, it’s recommended to talk to our friendly team to learn more about your options.

Can my shutters be re-sprayed if I don’t like the colour?

Plantation Shutters Ltd does not offer this service and we are not able to recommend a company that does, however it is not outside the realm of possibility if your shutters are made of Hardwood (opposed to composite Craftwood MDF). Please be aware that, depending on the company you source, you will need to take down, de-hinge, re-hinge and reinstall the shutters. Our shutters are sprayed pre-assembly and finished with a UV resistant coating therefore it will be hard to recreate the original finish and potentially will have shadowing around the louvres. Please note that re-spraying of shutters voids the warranty.

Can I install your shutters in a bedroom as a form of blackout?

A huge amount our work involves shutters in bedrooms and nurseries, without any concerns regarding light. We would never suggest that our shutters are 100% blackout (due to tolerances required for slat movement and the opening and closing of panels) but they aren’t far off!

Due to level of skill our surveyor and advanced technology of our shutters (i.e. rebated side style and clever frame options) our designs and panels keep more light out when closed than other companies. We can also provide shutters with an integrated room darkening blind between your window and the shutter (encased within the shutter frame) for a sleek finish to maximise light reduction further.

How are Craftwood MDF shutters made?

Craftwood MDF shutters are made of Medium Density Fibre, and coated using a first-class, innovative manufacturing process and the world’s most advanced (patented) coating technology developed in the US. This unique combination of materials make these shutters durable and sturdy, resistant to chipping, cracking, fading and warping.

How are Hardwood shutters made?

Hardwood is crafted with engineered wood frames and sustainable natural Hardwood panels. Its UV lacquer prevents colour-fading and sun damage. It offers the compromise of the quality and sleek finish of a wood-based without the premium price tag.